Privacy policy, Article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003

Pursuant to and in accordance with Article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, we inform You that the personal details that you communicated to LOVATI&ASSOCIATES through your CV and/or the information document provided in electronic format, job interview, aptitude tests or during related activities are inside the database of the company and they are object of data processing through manual or computerized procedures followed by ourselves or our agencies.

The processing and the collection of Your personal data will be further processed for the purposes referred to in Legislative Decree n. 276 of September 10th, 2003, for the activities referred to therein, and shall comprehend all the activities expected from art. 4 paragraph 1 a) of the law previously mentioned and will be fulfilled for the specific purposes pertinent and related to the research, the selection and the management of the possible future business relationship in the area of activity underlined from you or object of research and selection.

The personal data referring to you could be communicated – also partly anonymous – for the same purposes to all the companies, users or customers, our clients in the area that is object of research and selection, in order to evaluate a possible work relationship, temporary job and/or open-ended job or a direct recruitment, and also to our associated companies and to subjects expressly entrusted by LOVATI&ASSOCIATES that provide services of analysing data, advice, or activities exploitable, complementary and functional to the activity of our company, in Italy and abroad, also beyond the borders of the UE.

LOVATI & ASSOCIATES will communicate, regarding the selection of particular professional profiles, the personal data of his candidates to external subjects, and these subjects will become independent data controller, regarding the activity of recruitment. Pursuant to and in accordance with Article 13, first paragraph b) and c) of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, we inform you that the conferment to LOVATI & ASSOCIATES of the personal data inherent and pertinent, is not mandatory by law, but Your eventual denial to provide them, regarding the link between the data and the specific requirements of the company, could lead to an impossibility for the society to give a correct evaluation of your position regarding the process of selection and as a consequence the impossibility for the company to manage your possible candidature.

We specify that the personal data are collected pursuant to and in accordance with Article 13 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and are requested only for the process of selection and evaluation of the candidate, in order to introduce the professional profile inside the database of the candidates of LOVATI & ASSOCIATES. Data processing is managed exclusively by people in charge.

The evaluation of the candidate, anyhow, refers only to the information collected from the candidate himself and regarding his training, his education, the experiences he has previously achieved, and everything that is related to the profile of the candidate.

His data will be processed and kept by the company for a maximum period of six months starting from the moment when the candidate has sent his CV or starting from the end of other procedures of selection if these took place, with the exception of a longer period if the professional profile of the candidate presents interesting characteristics for further selections.

The Article 7 of the previously mentioned Italian Legislative Decree gives you specific rights. In particular, you will be able to receive from the Person in Charge, the confirmation (or not) of the existence of personal data regarding you and the communication, in an intelligible form, of this data and of their origin, and also of the logic and purpose of data processing. In case of violation of the law you will obtain the cancellation, the conversion in an anonymous form or the block of the procedure, and also the updating, the correction or, if there is a real need of doing so, integration of data. You will have the possibility to oppose against the processing of data if you will have a legitimate reason. For every request of access, it could be asked to the person interested, if there would not be a confirmed presence of data regarding this person, a reimbursement not higher than the costs effectively sustained.

Pursuant to and in accordance with Article 8 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, you will have the possibility to request the cancellation orally in our head office or in our filial, and you will have the possibility to request the cancellation writing an email to the head office. The email address is:

Sensitive data will be immediately deleted if there will not be a statement written from you in which you give your consent to LOVATI & ASSOCIATES and to our associated companies in order to process your data through the procedures already explained.

LOVATI & ASSOCIATES, based in Milan Porta Romana 129, is Data Controller in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003. Data Processor is Luca Lovati, domiciled for these purposes at the company.


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